Volcanoes and rocks?

What are the links here?

Why do we learn about volcanoes as part of our rock topic?

Can anybody tell me any of the knowledge that they gained today?



Class charters

This week we have written our class charter. We want our school to be a happy and safe place to be. We discussed and agreed what everybody should do in our classroom.

Below, you will see the four different class charters from KS2.

For home learning this week, please discuss the charter with your family. How are you going to try to follow the charter? How are you going to help others to follow it? What does it mean to you? What does a happy and safe classroom look like? What does respectful behaviour look like?

Have you seen anyone following the class charter? What were they doing?

Please comment below, and make sure you keep checking incase anybody replies to your comments. It might start a wonderful discussion 🙂

Strange visitors…

Today, we arrived to into school to see something strange.

There was a note from a stone age person. Mr Hare said he had to chase people out of our school and playground this morning – He said there were a few cave people!

We were asked to paint some pictures with some special paint which had been left for us…
A paint made from blood and berries… and one made from mud and poo…..

Holiday for the Hamster.


Here are the dates for Flash over the holiday. If there are any problems, or we need more supplies please just ask. I  can get stuff to you or find someone who can. Year five parents have my number if needed.

21.7.18 – Aran and Ismaeel

28.7.18 – Chole

4.8.18 – Lana and Mia

11.8.18 – 15.8.18 Poppy

15.8.18 Jakob

18.8.18 – 25.8.18

25.8.18 –  Zoe and Laurie

I can come and get him at the end of the holidays if needed.

Hope he is well behaved.

Mrs Hastings




This weeks’ homework is here.

This weekend is going to be  beautiful and sunny so we need to get outside. Next week is sports day and we have a second sports day the week after. Can you write a blog entry or add a photo of you doing something active this weekend. You can just add a photo of the equipment you used and we can guess the sport. How many different things can you try?

I’m going to try too.

Good Luck

Mrs H